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Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation programme popularly known as "ITEC" was launched in 1964 as a bilateral programme of assistance of the Government of India. Under ITEC and its corollary SCAAP (Special Commonwealth Assistance for Africa Programme) 156 countries in Asia, East Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America are invited to share in the Indian Developmental experience acquired over five decades of India’s existence as a free Nation.

ITEC is about cooperation and partnership for mutual benefit. It is response oriented and it addresses the needs of developing countries.

India spends about Rs.500 million annually on ITEC activities. Since 1964, India has provided over US $2 billion worth of technical assistance to developing countries, including neighboring countries (assistance to whom is administered separately).
ITEC is the flag bearer of the Indian Governments technical cooperation effort, not only because of its wide geographical coverage but also for innovative forms of technical cooperation in which it has assisted.

The ITEC/SCAAP Programme has the following components:
  • Training in India of nominees from ITEC partner countries;
  • Projects and project related activities such as feasibility studies and consultancy services;
  • Deputation of Indian experts abroad;
  • Study Tours;
  • Gifting/Donation of equipment at the request of ITEC partner countries; and 
  • Aid for Disaster Relief.


Training Fields

The wide range of courses under these programmes include:
  • Accounts & Finance Management,
  • Power Distribution Management & Technologies,
  • Legislative Drafting, Small Business Development,
  • Essential Basic IT Skills,
  • Strategies of Natural Business & Rural Development,
  • Geo-informatics & Research in International Economic Issues & Development Policies;
  • Human Resource Planning & Development;
  • Management Systems for Developing Countries;
  • Software Development Techniques,
  • Public Financial Expenditure Management;
  • Office Technologies and Internet Applications;
  • English Speaking and Writing Skills
  • And more….
Please see the brochure for complete details.

Funding and facilities

The entire cost of training under these programmes, including return international airfare, tuition fees, accommodation charges, emergency medical treatment, stipend, book allowance and study tour, is borne by the Government of India.

Procedure for application

Applicants are required to complete the prescribed format and submit to Public Service Commission of Fiji Islands, Tonga or Tuvalu, as the case may be.

All application forms should be submitted along with medical and other related documents, duly signed and forwarded by the concerned Head of Office / Department.

Completed application in all respects must reach from the respective Public Service Commissions to the High Commission of India, Suva at least 90 days prior to commencement of the training.

Application Form

Applications form can be downloaded from this website. Forms can also be obtained directly from High Commission of India, Suva.

List of ITEC/SCAAP Empanelled Institutes

Accounts, Finance and Audit Courses

  • Institute of Government Accounts and Finance - New Delhi
  • International Center for Information and System Audit – Noida
  • National Institute of Bank Management – Pune

IT, Telecommunication and English Courses

  • Aptech Limited - New Delhi
  • Centre For Development of Advanced Computing – Mohali
  • Centre For Development of Advanced Computing – Noida
  • Centre For Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management – Mumbai
  • CMC Ltd. - New Delhi
  • English and Foreign Languages University – Hyderabad
  • NIIT Ltd - New Delhi

  • UTL Technologies Ltd. – Bangalore

Management Courses

  • Administrative Staff College of India - Hyderabad
  • Institute of Applied Manpower Research – Delhi
  • International Management Institute - New Delhi

SME/Rural Development Courses

  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India – Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development – NOIDA
  • National Institute of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises – Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Rural Development – Hyderabad

Specialized Courses

  • Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training - New Delhi
  • Human Settlement Management Institute - New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication - New Delhi
  • International Statistical Education Centre – Kolkata
  • National Crime Records Bureau - New Delhi
  • National Institute of Training for Standardization (Bureau of Indian Standards) – Noida
  • National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Chennai
  • National University of Educational Planning and Administration - New Delhi
  • Postal Staff College, Ghaziabad
  • Research and Information System for Developing Countries - New Delhi
  • V.V. Giri National Labour Institute – NOIDA

Technical Courses

  • Central Fertilizer Quality Control & Training Institute – Faridabad
  • Central Institute of Rural Electrification – Hyderabad
  • Central Institute of Tool Design – Hyderabad
  • Central Scientific Instruments Organization - New Delhi
  • Fluid Control Research Institute – Kerala
  • Geological Survey of India- Training Institute, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Production Management – Kansbahal, Orissa
  • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing – Dehradun
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee, Department of Hydrology
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee, Department of Water Resources
  • Development and Management
  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research – SAS Nagar, Punjab
  • RITES (Courses for Railway Personnel only) – Gurgaon
  • South India Textile Research Association – Coimbatore

Environment and Renewable Energy Courses

  • Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  • Barefoot College – Tilonia, Rajasthan
  • Centre for Wind Energy Technology – Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru
  • Solar Energy Centre, Gurgaon
  • TERI(The Energy & Resources Institute) - New Delhi

Project-related Cooperation

India assists ITEC partner countries, on the basis of mutually agreed projects, to establish useful infrastructure facilities with technology and skills appropriate to their resources and needs. Through project assistance, India also demonstrates the skills, technologies and human resource capabilities, which it has acquired in the course of its own development. A number of bilateral projects are undertaken, notably in the fields of Archaeological Conservation, Information Technology (IT) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Feasibility studies and consultancy services, at the request of ITEC partner countries, are carried out under the Programme. Results of these studies are handed over to the Governments concerned.

Deputation of Indian Experts

Indian experts are deputed to friendly countries on their request to assist in developmental activities. Some of the fields covered are Creative Arts, Pest Management, Military training, IT, Audit, various disciplines of Medicine, English teaching, Telecommunications, Agricultural research etc. Indian experiences and expertise in the fields of small and medium scale industries, agriculture and financial management are particularly relevant to the developing countries.

Government Ministries or Departments desiring to utilize the services of Indian Experts in any field may apply through the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, duly filling in the application form. The application form could be downloaded from this website.

Study Tours

Study tours in India are undertaken at the specific request of ITEC partner countries. Specific areas of interest are identified and a two to three weeks programme is arranged during which the delegates are taken to important institutions, training centres, etc. in different parts of India.

Gifts/Donation of Equipments

The Government of India, under the ITEC Programme, provides gifts/donations of equipment to ITEC partner countries to assist in their developmental efforts. These gifts/donations are usually in response to requests of these friendly countries and the commitments made by Prime Minister, External Affairs Minister etc.

Aid for Disaster Relief

Under this Programme, India supplies humanitarian aid like food grains, medicines, woollen blankets and similar other items to countries struck by natural disasters.


For further details or clarifications, please contact ITEC Assistant,

High Commission of India,
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For full details of courses offered under the ITEC Programme click here

ITEC Training Application Form click here

ITEC Experts Exchange Form click here