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Capital Port Vila; Country became independent in 1980
Area 12,189 sq. kms., 83 Islands
Current Weather Maximum temperature: 28 °C
Minimum temperature: 22 °C
Population 311,738 (2021)
Independence Day 30th July
Languages (with %age of speakers, if available) English, French and Bislama
Religions (with %age, if available) Christian
Exchange rate with US$ & INR
US$ 1 = Vatu 107.36
Indian Rs. 1 = Vatu 1.49
Political Structure Parliamentary System and has 52 members, who are elected every four years
Head of State (President) H.E. Pastor Tallis Obed Moses
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Hon. Bob Loughman Weibur
Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Marc Ati

Economy Most of Vanuatu's population lives in rural areas where subsistence farming, fishing and production of cash crops such as kava, coconut and cocoa are the main sources of livelihood. Goods exports are dominated by agricultural products, particularly kava, coconut products, beef and cocoa.
GDP US$ 889 mn (2020)
GDP per capita US$ 3037 (2020)
GDP Growth Rate 3.2% (2020)
Total Trade
US$ 340 mn (2020)
US$ 289 mn (2020)
US$ 51 mn (2020)
Bilateral Trade
Imports from India
Exports to India
US$ 2.68 mn (2019-20)
US$ 0.26 mn (2019-20)
US$ 2.42 mn (2019-20)
[According to Ministry of Commerce, Government of India]

Indian Origin/ Permanent Resident Total: About 800 (Majority Indo-Fijians)
Indian Expatriates (composition and any pertinent information that may be of interest) N/A
Indian Organizations Banks Nil
PSUs Nil
Government Organizations Nil
Others Nil

July 2021