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Youth Exchange Programme 2024 in India

Posted on: January 15, 2024 | Back | Print

Fijian Youth Delegation Leaves for India 

On 12 January 2024, the High Commission of India in Suva organized a pre departure briefing for the 13-member youth delegation from Fiji traveling to India to attend  the Youth Exchange Program (YEP). The event was attended by the Fijian Minister for  Youth and Sports, Hon. Jese Saukuru and Acting Permanent Secretary Mr. Philip  Hereniko, who will also be leading the delegation to India.  

With the theme of "One Earth, One Family, One Future”, the National Cadet Corps  (NCC) under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, invited youth organizations  from 25 different countries to attend a YEP2024 / Republic Day Camp to be held in India  in January 2024. 

The aim of YEP is to ensure aspirational participation of selected youth from the  25 countries and provide a platform for all to interact with the Indian youth, to get a first hand experience of the diverse culture and heritage of India and to witness the  development and progress made by the country just 75 years of Independence. The  participants will also get the opportunity to interact with youth of other countries. Since  the visiting youth delegations will be State Guests, all expenditures, including airfare (to  and fro) from India, travel within India, boarding, lodging and visits to various destinations  will be fully borne by the Government of India. 

High Commissioner Mr. P. S. Karthigeyan congratulated the delegates on their  selection for the prestigious programme and briefed them on the important elements of  YEP2024 and the various initiatives taken by the Mission to foster closer bilateral  relations, especially involving the youth of both the countries. He encouraged the 

delegates from Fiji to use the visit to not only experience the rich and diverse cultural  heritage of India but also form life-long friendship with young Indians.  

In his remarks, the Fijian Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon’ble Jese Saukuru  stated that the momentous occasion marks an incredible opportunity for young Fijians to  broaden their horizons, foster cultural understanding and forge lifelong friendships. The  Hon. Minister also expressed his gratitude to the Government of India and the High  Commission of India for organizing the program and supporting Fijian youths to  participate for the third time in history.  

The visit program will be from 16 January to 29 January 2024 (duration of 14 Days).  During the visit, the youth visiting India will be attending important National events like the  Republic Day Parade on 26 January 2024 and also visit places of Historical and Cultural  interest and interacting with top dignitaries of India.  

12 January 2024