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Capital Tarawa
Area 811 sq. kms.
Current Weather Maximum temperature: 31 °C Minimum temperature: 26 °C
Population 120,913 (2021) – UN data (WordoMeter website) *
Independence Day 12th July
Languages (with %age of speakers, if available) I-Kiribati, English (official)
Religions (with %age, if available)

According to 2010 government statistics, Christian groups form about 96% of the Kiribati population by census counts, most of whom are either Catholic or members of the Kiribati Uniting Church. Persons with no religious affiliation account for about 0.05% of the population. Members of the Catholic Church are concentrated in the northern islands, while Protestants are the majority in the southern islands.

Currency Exchange rate with US$ & INR AU$ 1 = US$ 0.78 (12 April 2021) AU$1 = Rs. 58.45 (12 April 2021))
Political Structure Parliamentary System; Single chamber House of Assembly or ‘Maneaba ni Maungatabu’, with 44 elected members for four years term.
Head of State (President) His Excellency Taneti Maamau
Head of Government His Excellency Taneti Maamau
Minister for Foreign Affairs His Excellency Taneti Maamau



A remote country of 33 scattered coral atolls, Kiribati has few natural resources and is one of the least developed Pacific Islands. Copra and fish now represent the bulk of production and exports. Economic development is constrained by a shortage of skilled workers, weak infrastructure, and remoteness from international markets. Fishing is the mainstay of economy. The country is particularly seen as vulnerable to effects of rising sea levels.

GDP at market price US$189 mn (2020)
GDP per capita US$ 627.4 mn (2020)
GDP Growth Rate 2.3% (2020)
Total Trade Imports Exports US$ -544 mn (2020) US$ 554 mn (2020) US$ 10 mn (2020)
Bilateral Trade Imports from India Exports to India US$ 0.61 mn (2019-20) US$ 0.39 mn (2019-20) US$ 0.22 mn (2019-20) [According to Ministry of Commerce, Government of India]
Indian Origin/ Permanent Resident Total: About 50 (Estimate; Indo-Fijians)
Indian Expatriates (composition and any pertinent information that may be of interest) Total: Nil

Indian Organizations Banks Nil
PSUs Nil
Government Organizations Nil

Others Nil

July 2021

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