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Capital Nuku’alofa ; Country got independence on 4th June 1970
Area 747 sq. kms.
Current Weather Maximum temperature: 33 °C
Minimum temperature: 23 °C
Population 106,490 (2021)
Independence Day 4th November
Languages (with %age of speakers, if available) Tongan and English
Religions (with %age, if available) Christian
Exchange rate with US$ & INR
TOP$ 1 = US$ 0.46
TOP$ 1 = Rs. 33.02
Political Structure Constitutional Monarchy ; 30-member assembly (17 people’s representative, 9 from Nobility and 4 appointed by King)
Head of State His Majesty King Tupou-VI
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Rev. Dr. The Hon. Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Rev. Dr. The Hon. Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa

Economy Tonga has a small, open, South Pacific Island economy. It has a narrow export base in agricultural goods. Squash, vanilla beans, and yams are the main crops. Agricultural exports, including fish, make up two-thirds of total exports. The country imports a high proportion of its food, mainly from New Zealand and remains dependent on external aid and remittances from Tongan communities overseas to offset its trade deficit. Tourism is the second-largest source of hard currency earnings following remittances.
GDP at market price US$ 493 mn (2019)
GDP per capita US$ 4888 (2019)
GDP Growth Rate -0.4% (2020)
Total Trade
US$ 326 mn (2020)
US$ 311 mn (2020)
US$ 15 mn (2020)
Bilateral Trade
Exports from India
Imports to India
US$ 0.40 mn (2018-19)
US$ 0.35 mn (2018-19)
US$ 0.05 (2018-19)
[According to Ministry of Commerce, Government of India]

Indian Origin/ Permanent Resident Total: 200 (Major Indo-Fijians)
Indian Expatriates (composition and any pertinent information that may be of interest) Total: 10 (Estimate)
Indian Organizations Banks Nil
PSUs Nil
Government Organizations Nil
Others Nil

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