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Capital Avarua
Area 236 km² (Land Area) 1.9M km² (EEZ)
Current Weather Maximum temperature: 28 °C Minimum temperature: 21 °C
Population 20,200 (2019)
Constitution Day 4th August
Languages (with %age of speakers, if available) English and Cook Islands Maori (Including Pukapukan)
Religions (with %age, if available) Christian
Currency Exchange rate with US$ & INR NZ$ 1 = US$ 0.72 (2021) NZ$ 1= Rs. 52.43
Political Structure Parliamentary System in free association with New Zealand with common citizenship and currency; unicameral parliament with 24 elected members.
Head of State HM Queen Elizabeth II [His Excellency, Sir Tom J. Marsters, KBE. Queen’s Representative (Representing HM Queen Elizabeth II)]
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Honourable Mark Brown
Minister for Foreign Affairs Honourable Mark Brown


Main sources of revenue are tourism, fishing and agriculture. Pearls are a major export. Japan is the principal export destination (50%) and New Zealand is the main source of imports (61%)
GDP at current price US$575.0MN (2019)
GDP per capita US$20,725.5 (2019)
GDP Growth Rate 6.7% (2019)
Total Trade Imports Exports US$ 129 mn (2020) US$ 123 mn US$ 6 mn
Bilateral Trade Imports from India Exports to India US$ 0.6 mn (2020-21 April-Nov) US$ 0.3 mn (2020-21 April-Nov) US$ 0.6 mn (2020-21 April-Nov)

Indian Origin/ Permanent Resident Total: Estimate 200 (mostly Indo-Fijians)
Indian Expatriates (composition and any pertinent information that may be of interest) Total: 31

Indian Organizations Banks Nil
PSUs Nil
Government Organizations Nil
Others Nil

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